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New Portfolio Site: FATzebra.org

I finished my second-chance education in IT last year (2013) and found a home in an incredibly sweet team of developers and creatives in the very heart of vienna: www.getdesigned.at 

Since then I’ve been working there in different fields, such as UI (User Interface) Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, a bit of Customer Care, Web Developement (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP,…) and continued to paint and draw for myself as well.

So there is a ton of new stuff I would love to show you, and here it is:

My new portfolio site is online:

And if you want to see the portfolio only (without fancy animations and illustrations), have a look here:

www.fatzebra.org - new portfolio website - artist, designer and illustrator

http://www.fatzebra.org – new portfolio website – artist, designer and illustrator